About Us

Our Company

Battery Dynamics Limited was established as a B2B importer and distributor of premium line batteries(both UK and imported) to meet UK market requirements.

We provide a comprehensive range of energy storage solutions for various applications. Our experience and access to an extensive range of products allows us to ensure we provide the right product for your application. Our goal is to improve your energy management through regular evaluation of your requirements to assist in improving usage and longevity of your energy storage capabilities.

With continuous testing and evaluation of new products, Battery Dynamics provides the most complete coverage of batteries and electrical items. In addition to the earned reputation of being a one-stop battery specialist with programs for product supply and service, Battery Dynamics also provides total turnkey services for the telecommunications and UPS industry as well as other technical markets. Battery Dynamics is able to offer services to meet a wide variety of needs and bespoke solution designs.

Our Mission

Unmatched service is the key to our success - we use a continuous improvement model to deliver exceptional expert service. Dynamics will provide professional personal support, competent technical advice and willingness to meet special individual requirements. We can provide technical drawings for client’s system requirements all the way through to commissioning and servicing.

We have built our business on providing quality customer care and truly understanding customer requirements. Our clients are not just another number - they are a partner in helping us improve our solutions and understand new challenges in differing applications.

We also hold our standards high internally. Each member of the Battery Dynamics team is held accountable to our Code of Ethics. To continue serving our customers at a superior level, we must operate at a superior level. We use our Code of Ethics to guide us in doing just that.

Our Experience

With over 37 years’ experience of industry experience, the Battery Dynamics team is well versed in all aspects of sales, installation, service, and service after the sale. To further this, we regularly have various in-house and external training courses to continuously improve the quality of all staff members skills within their respective role.

Thanks to strong relationships with suppliers they have implemented additional training and technical knowledge guidance as required to ensure every solution delivered by Battery Dynamics meets the highest standard.

Our Partners

Strategic partners include all the manufacturers offered by Battery Dynamics as well as many of their distributors and representatives from different parts of the country. Our network provides our customers with options for getting products faster than what would be expected if something is out of stock and needs to be manufactured on the factory floor.

Battery Dynamics also views many of our clients as “Partners”. This has strengthened and fortified our relationships with our valued customers. We believe that in any transaction both parties should win!