We deliver bespoke solutions for every market

Battery Dynamics offers superior products and can deliver battery solutions for a variety of market sectors from Aerospace through to Utility Power solutions. Upon clicking on the market tile below that applies to your market, you will be provided with further options to define products and brands applicable for your market requirements. If you cannot find the correct application for your needs, view our A-Z application list or contact us.

Automotive application image


The automotive sector has a broad range of applications requiring a reliable battery power supply to ensure travel is possible no matter the conditions. Our automotive product range covers: cars, 4x4, taxis, vans and much more…

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Consumer Cells application image

Consumer Cells

Battery Dynamics has a range of premium reliable primary and secondary consumer cells in an array of technologies, such as alkaline, lithium and zinc-carbon for typical consumer applications such as remote controls.

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CV and Plant

Commercial vehicles, agricultural, HGV, passenger service vehicles and plant require large amounts of starting power in all conditions including meeting the cold cracking requirements throughout the winter months.

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Industrial Vehicles Application image

Industrial Vehicles

Industrial vehicles are constantly growing in their variety of uses especially since the reduction in cost of traction and motive power cells. Applications can include electric vehicles, floor cleaner and utility vehicles.

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Leisure and Marine

The leisure sector has an array of varying requirements and our range of leisure products meet the requirements for the following applications: Marine, Camping car, Canal boats, Electric boats, Golf, Golf caddies and Vessels.

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Material Handling Equipment application image

Material Handling Equipment

Multiple industries require material handling equipment in order to manage warehousing to aviation requirements. Access Platforms, Forklifts and Pallet Trucks are just some of the typical applications we cater for.

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Medical and Mobility Application Image

Medical and Mobility

Reliable and dependable solutions are critical in the Medical and Mobility battery market. We offer a range of solutions and services for daily tasks such as wheelchairs and battery management in medical environments.

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Motorcycle & Powersports

We offer OEM manufactured solutions alongside high quality replacement solutions for motorcycle and powersport vehicles. For certain racing applications we provide a high capacity solution from Odyssey.

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Rail and network Application image

Rail and Network

We supply battery systems and solutions for an array of railway vehicles to the modern rail industry. These comprise of carriage lighting batteries and diesel starting batteries to meet requirements for dependability and safety.

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Renewable Energy Application

Renewable Energy

Access to a reliable energy supply from the electricity grid is not always available. Renewable energy solutions are becoming more popular due to the cost reduction compared to using solely fossil fuel solutions such as generators.

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Standby Power Application image

Standby Power

Standby power and industrial power cover a broad spectrum of applications. Our product portfolio covers Alarm & Security, Data Centres, Electric Utility, Emergency Lighting, Network Power, Telecoms and many more.

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