NorthStar have designed a high-quality advanced manufacturing facility to build their high-performance pure lead range. NorthStar offer cost effective reliable solutions for applications such as telecom, UPS and engine start. NorthStar recently obtained Daimler as a client thanks to the innovative commercial range and ACE. Employing the latest robotic and processing technology, and using advanced environmental control systems, NorthStar delivers the best consistency and reliability in the industry.

NorthStar provide 4 product range - Red for float applications, Blue for unreliable power supply, NorthStar Pro for SLI applications and NorthStar Elite for entry level automotive requirements. NorthStar developed a unique monitoring system for its solutions called ACE which can be managed from a mobile device to provide accurate measurements on voltage and temperature. Through additional tools, connected to ACE, fleets can be managed at a distance to ensure batteries are fully charged before leaving site.

NorthStar batteries have a long service life up to 12-15 years for stationary battery applications. NorthStar can produce an extremely thin and corrosion-resistant plate due to advanced and sophisticated manufacturing processes. Because of this technique, NorthStar achieves a much larger plate surface. The resulting energy density, which is up to 15%, offers a significant weight and space advantage over competitors with conventional manufacturing technologies.